faith by forfeit

"nah I don't believe in humans" says God frowning and doing a slight gesture with his hand
"whaddya mean you don't believe in humans ?" asked mike
"just that, I don't believe in 'em" says He
"you can't not not believe in 'em Pa" gabe said from across the pool table
"whaddya mean I can't believe in em? I can believe in anything I don't want to believe" He says picking up the cue
"well you made 'em Pa you made - you made humans" now mike was really confused
"I didn't make no human I"
"Is he trying to pull a joke here or what?" whispered mike telepathically to gabe
"What're you kids doing? I said I don't believe in 'em why you whispering telepathically around for?" said God with his arms opening and closing
"no pa but they're real - look they're right there" pointed gabe through a gap in the cloud
"...are you out of your gaddam mind gabe? I know I can see them" now He was getting quite annoyed
"so then? What's the problem?"
"There's no problem i just
don't believe in them"
gabe threw a quick glance towards mike
"I don't get it"
"Me neither, I just don't pa"
"Oh you will one day" laughed God with his chin is his neck

"now watch me put that blue ball into that black hole"

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