I believe I should have been
a woman
but there weren't any more
female bodies avalible at the time
so they made me
a lesbian woman and put me
in a man's body

that was about as good as
my soul lawyer
could get

every man that writes poems
has lesbian woman souls

except Ginsberg
he wasn't lesbian


the anatomy of a word cannot be
contained in any books, encyclopedias,
webpages or internets,
the flesh of a word is composed of
infinitisimal quantic fibres that connect 
themselves through uncountable synapes and
nerves, each one, hypersensitive,
conected to millions, trillions, fuckadillions
of networds linked
together and result
in what we know 
as a meaning
which every single human being
on the planet and in outerspace
- all six of them - 
have an individual unique method
of penetrating its tight vagina sense gateway

we often do this
we often hurt
we, the sword-weilders,
the sense-seekers,
we sense words
use s-words
make s-incisions,
we, the doctors
we, the surgeons,
the urging surgeons,
we cut into each other
in an attempt to seal
through word surgery,
only to fail in understanding
organisms and produce
hemoragies and ruptures
and evetually
silence therapy

silence therapy - which kills
silence therapy - which heals
silence therapy - chemotherapy

we further study and research
these procedures
untill we will succeed
in killing the listeners
and reviving the dead

we, the surgeons,
we, the urging surgeons
we, the "human"