a reasonable trade

I hate it when you have to go and can't just be mine
Why do you have to go to college or talk
with other people for? Just only be mine
Stop it! Stop it ! Stop! Just stop eating and
be mine don't eat anymore why,? why eat?;
Just talk to me. Give me that - what's this'
why do you need a phone for? 'You don't.!
 you don't. need. A. Phone. Ok? ',;
Hey come back hey are those clothes on
you? I said are those clothes on you.* yeah
I'm talking to you/ are those clothes on
you?/ take them off

yes now / I don't care if you're expecting
guests (why do you need guests for] take
them off ~just be mine/ you don't need
clothes you want me you don't need me but
you want me you don't need clothes OK? ,`
it's fine it's fine I'm not angry I'm not/ just
don't - don't - don't do that again please;
don't do anything don't do anything apart
from me' OK? capishi? I'm not trying to be
threatening here I just don't like it when you
do something else is all
okay ##hashtag# okay hey


what's that in your hand?/ is that a cigarette
in your hand?/ you want to smoke a
cigarette with you hand and your mouth
right now? no, no nono no-no nana no you
don't breathe you're just mine ok? / I love
you I love you a lot I love - heyhey hey


I'm kidding
of course you can smoke a cigarette

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