Stuff lift weights and they work out

back again into this old pool
my neck is wet on the inside
skinny dipping in fat lies
I've been burning through whiskey sipping
it's all my fault
I've been feeding them
only fast-food and little thought
gotten so fat and lazy inside of me
they can't move one finger
too big to squeeze out my neck
"get out" I yelled
"I'm not afraid anymore
get out"
their earwax wall was impenetrable
slimy slobs of shame clogging peace

Yoko Ono marched in silently
preaching love to all my cells
"hello John"

I got scared,
terrified, petrified
tried to hide under rocks
three rocks and a fifth
had to spill it all out
it's no way to welcome Ono
got up on my drunken sorry skinny ass
looked in the mirror
still looking in the mirror
I have a beard on my face
'cause I hope when I'll shave it I'll become someone else
I wear glasses
'cause I can't see things in perspective
I have a humpback
'cause I'm not a vertical person
Yoko is staring at my ass in the mirror smiling
I hate the mirror
hate it cause it shows me the way I am
should shave
should get lenses
should sit up straight
should go the gym
so i'll burn their calories
have to start lifting weights
stop reading books
weights are always honest and
straight forward or upwards
with no words

her eyes say more things than her mouth does

should start lifting weights so things will work out
no more word-out
should start fat dipping in skinny lies
'n dipping lies in skinny fat
'n fat 'n skinny 'n whiskey
'n lies 'n cherry cheese cake pies she
bakes with her eyes

been running all day on the treadmill
got nowhere
got one big calorie off my soul though
the room is warm with pies
just pies
she heard the door-crack when
I entered
no wax walls
she said
"hello John"